Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By dtt10
#753 Hi, My husband will be bankrupt very soon, and i am unsure about what to do with our bank accounts. The thing is is this. we have a joint direct debit account and a joint bank account where our pay gets paid in to every month,which i take, will be frozen once bankruptcy starts, then at the beginning of a month x amount gets transfered into the d/d account . I opened an account today in my name so my pay can go in there. should i also transfer some of the direct debits i.e electric, gas and council tax and mortgage? should we also change his bank details at work NOW so his pay doesn't get frozen in the joint one?
Would be very grateful for any advice.
Thank you
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By JaneClack
#764 Yes, I would if I were you as nothing will be paid from the other one. Remember to get all the utilities up to date before the bankruptcy and transferred into your name if possible. BT will not let him open an account if there is money outstanding in the bankruptcy. Many bankrupts have their pay paid into another account.