Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Joannec
#8370 Well, I've done it and made the appointment to go bankrupt.

9.30 on the 1st July. Luckily I already have the day off, as I am going on holiday the next day (not an exotic one, a week in Tenby!)

I'm going to have to try and get the £150 fee waived otherwise I will never afford to do it!

What I feel really bad about is that I ran up a debt in my OH's name. He knew about it, but as nothing has been paid for a while, they are now starting to get heavy. We had a card through the post saying that someone was going to call round tomorrow. At least when I go BR and get rid of my debts, I will be able to help pay off his debts. I just wish there was a way of including his debts in my BR.

btw, he is on benefit. I support us both and, of course, my daughter.
By liverpoolcherries
#8371 Lucky you, Joanne, wish I was able to get rid of mine as quickly
By the way enjoy Tenby, it is lovely, we always took the kids there when they were small

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By Joannec
#8373 Thanks Liverpool ............ or is it cherries? :lol:

I take you are buying another house which is why br is not available to you? I think I would prefer to have my own bricks and mortar than be br.

I just wish all of our debts could be included. Its not worth him going br for the sake of £1k
By liverpoolcherries
#8374 I'm not buying another house, I'm renting at the moment so I could go BR the only thing I don't know is how far back the OR looks at bank statements and whether they will ask questions about what I did with the house sale proceeds

liverpoolcherries (either is fine!)
By Mel_Odious
#8377 Hi Liveries :) ,
The OR will go back 2-3 years in detail but will be sure to ask that dreaded question. You say that most of the profit went on fees. That is a good enough explanation, no?