Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By mt
#8236 First of all, before I went to the court I rang to ask them if I needed to make 2 photocopies as stated in the Insolvency Services booklet. They told me that it was not necessary.

Arrived at the court at the appointed time. Was seen by the court clerk immediately who glanced at my ex160 form (court fee exemption) for about 10 seconds and waived the £150 court fee. I'm not on benefits, have no child tax credit or anything like that. So I'd advise anybody who doubts if they can get exemption to just get the form, fill it in and take it with you. The form is available for download on the Court Services site

Then the clerk went through the petition with me, which required quite a few alterations, which I had to initialled against. He admitted that the form is very confusing.

The Statement of Affairs form he flipped through to make sure everything was okay. Then he asked me to sign and date where needed. I was given the choice to swear the affidavit on the bible or recite a different paragraph. I chose the latter because I'm an atheist. (Make sure you don't sign and date the forms beforehand. They have to be done in front of the court clerk.)

Then the clerk told me to wait. 10 minutes later he took me to see the district judge, who went through my forms and asked me if I had taken legal advice and if I was sure that was what I wanted to do. I replied yes. Then he made the bankruptcy order, noting down the exact time.

The whole process took about 35 minutes, and only about 10 minutes of which were actually with the judge. I would say that although the judge didn't say anything in particular to make me feel at ease, his kind manners and tone of voice told me that there was nothing to be shamed and worry about. I felt comfortable talking to him when he briefly asked me how I ran up the debts. He was a nice guy with a heart.

So that's it. I'm now bankrupt. I was told to ring the OR office asap. When I rang they took my name and phone number and said that someone would ring me back on Monday. I'm not sure whether that will be the actual telephone appointment or just a phone call to arrange the real appointment. I guess it's more probably the latter since I will need the forms to fill it etc won't I?

The only thing that made me slightly uncomfortable today was that fact that when I arrived at the court reception, I had to say that I'm here for my appointment and they asked me regarding what, and I had to say bankruptcy petition, when there were other people there within hearing distance paying their court fines or whatever. But that's the fault of the reception system, not the bankruptcy department.

Strangely enough. I'm not feeling overjoyed, yet. I guess partly it's because it's not completely over until the OR interview is over. I also still can't believe that I've done it as it all seems so simple. Surely that can't be it? Free from my debts and allowed to start afresh?

I also feel very sad and tearful. Has anyone else felt like this? Or is it just me?

I would like to thank everybody on this forum all for the advice and info so far.
By Mel_Odious
#8240 Ahhhhh! I am pleased that it wasn't too bad for you. I have seen lots of people report as you that there was no immediate elation. I guess it takes a while to sink in after all the pre-b build up. I am sure you will feel a lot better after the OR interview. It could be the real thing or an appointment to be made, I would guess the latter as they don't appear to have said they'd call at a particular time.
I usually say now "welcome to the club" but I am no longer a memeber of that elite club of bankrupts.
I think the best part will come if one of the ex-creditors call and you will derive great pleasure in informing them to address their enquiry to your OR.
Enjoy the rest of your debt free life,

#8241 Brill news MT I cant wait to join the club!

Onwards and Upwards to you now

Jane x
By mt
#8242 Vanilla_sky when are you doing yours?
#8243 Ah now there hangs a question :-(

Read my post about Car Finance :-(

I was fully expecting to do it July but Carlyle Finance are playing silly buggers

The sooner the better

Jane x
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By JaneClack
#8288 I think Homely had a few tears too - but look at her now!!!
By homely
#8299 mt i know exactly how you feel i didn't feel elated when i left court.we had to wait 6 weeks to have our phone interview with the or and when the or went through the creditors section on the form the or wasn't happy that i couldn't explain why i borrowed the money and what i used it for the or wasn't at all pleased.when i came off the phone i broke down in tears we also had other problems on top and i didn't know how to cope but i did and know i wouldn't go near any credit facilities again.iall i can say is that it does get easier with time.i even go to work knowing that the other employees and manager know but all i care about is getting my work done and having a laugh and as thats the way i am they don't question me as i'm old the saying goes honesty is the best policy and that is the best saying when it comes to the or.we've been upfront with the or and he said he'd contact us in 6 months time