Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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#8194 Hello. I've been filling in my 6.28 form and on section 4 and 5 with the boxes for unsecured debts, I have more than I can fit into the two pages supplied with the original 6.28 form. Would it be okay to print off more off these particuular pages to add to the form, enough pages to write all the cards and debts or is that not allowed and I would have to write the extras ( there' s quite a few! ) on the back of the form ??

Also, not only am I really worried about the whole proceedure, I'm worried about what is suitable to wear. I don't own any 'nice' clothes such as a suit and as a mature student who lives in jeans, I feel this would be frowned upon in court! Any help would be very much appreciated! thanks!
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#8195 Yes - use them as continuation sheets!!

Do not worry about how you are dressed - clean clothes and a clean body show care of yourself that you are now passing onto the rest of your life by cleaning out the debt. You are not going into a court room to defend yourself you are going to court to carry out an administrative procedure. Smart as you can be comfortably! I know someone who did it in jeans and am sure many others have :wink:
#8220 hiya...

I am wearing jogging bottoms because all my clothes are too tight....I put too much weight on with the stress....

I am personal bankrupt on I am not going to be wearing a suit....I think as long as you turn up and get it done with then you will be fine....

mine is on monday too...
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