Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By steveo
#8182 i had my BO monday, and the day after got a letter from the Inland revenue reminding me that i was over due in paying £250 or so in self-employed National Insurance Contribtions for jan 2002 - April 2004.

that reminded me to add that to the BR order but am i right in thinking that it is written off with the rest of it or is N.I. one of those debts that lingers on afterwards?

any possible future repercussions from missing 3 years of NI payments? is it worth paying in more once im discharged to top up what i have paid so far?
By Mel_Odious
#8183 Not sure if the owings can be included but as far as repercussions of not paying NI is concerned; I can tell you that I only get the full State Pension because I had paid in for 45 full years. Yes, fifty years of working and not a lot to show for it. The only good thing is that it would be a big minus if I hadn't have done the deed 3 years ago.

Mel :D
By homely
#8186 my husband owes national insurance and the or has included this in the bankruptcy the same as any tax he owes but the amount that will be included will be the amount up until the day he went bankrupt,anything after this he has to pay himself now
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By steveo
#8210 i had my interview with the OR today and they said that the 3 years owing on NI WILL be included. However they were unsure if i would have any problems in the future, for example if i signed on or tried to claim a benifit.
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By JaneClack
#8286 well you can always pay in more later to cover yourself for retirement!!