Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By lemon
#8137 At 10.45 exactly on the 15 of June 2005 my husband and I were declared bankrupt.

After months of worry and lots and lots of phone calls from creditors, it finally came to and end, :lol:

I was absoluely bricking it. Got myself into a right state, cried when I had to sware on the bible, cried when I got into the office to see the judge, but she was sooooooo nice, she really did seem to understand why we had got so much into debt. She told us to walk out of the court with our heads held high, and not to feel guilty, as we were officially debt free. :)

It felt surreeal knowing we didn't have to worry about borrowing off peter to pay paul, but as I work full time I guess we will have to pay some money back.

Anyway to those of you contemplating bankruptcy or going for it, do it, as the judge told us, we were very brave in owning up to the fact we had a problem, and even more courageous in actually doing something about it.

Good luck to you all :wink:
By Pineapple
#8138 Well done! It's a great feeling, isn't it? :D
By lemon
#8140 contend with.

Iam not really looking forward to this, as I'm sure a lot of other people are not.

From reading this forum I have gleaned that an interview over the phone is seen as an easy case, as ours is booked to be done over the phone, I guess I should take comfort in this fact.

We have a fortnight to wait, as the OR said, that's the next available appointment, in a way I wish it was a little sooner :)
By mt
#8142 Well done lemon! I'm having mine tomorrow so I'm very nervous and am encouraged by what you said about the judge being sympathetic. I feel bad enough about the whole situation as it is, so don't know if I can cope with anything negative from anybody tomorrow.
By Mel_Odious
#8145 Many Congrats, Lemon,
I am very pleased for you and I would also like to thank you for coming back and sharing your experience with us. Especially as it was not an unpleasant experience and helps those who are still waiting for their appointment and should help to settle their nervousness of the Court appearance.
Well done,

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By steveo
#8153 nice one. did mine last monday and i have a FAce to FAce meeting with the OR tomorrow (friday) morning.
By homely
#8179 congrats lemon you've now joined the debt free gang it will only get easier from now on,but depending on how much excess you have left you may not pay anything good luck with the or.
By liverpoolcherries
#8199 I went to court yesterday to pick up the forms, and they told me that I could phone in the morning of the day I wanted to come in as they usually have two or three hearings a day, the court clerk explained that you swear the oath in front of them and are then taken to the judge's room for the form to be stamped. They didn't give me any indication of how long the OR's appointment would be or whether it would be face to face.

I must admit being surprised that there wasn't a waiting list, but maybe there is for the OR.

Liverpool Combined Court Centre for anyone who wants to know

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By JaneClack
#8285 Different courts work on different systems - some you just turn up and others like to book appointments for THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE! Nottingham is very busy and waiting weeks for appointments but you know the advice is to ring if you are having problems with creditors and they can often fit you in beforehand.