Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By steveo
#8013 well that was fairly painless. i had my appointment at the court today. i swore the oath and then waited about 20 minutes to see the judge. He just went over a few things like reminding me it was a serious undertaking, and i could not have credit cards and loans etc... in all i was with the judge for less than 2 minutes.

i then waited 10 minutes or so to get the form 6.30 all typed up and stamped.

i was then directed up the road to the OR's office for a quick face to face interview where they went over form 6.28 and asked a few questions about where i lived and assets. they were also very helpful in explaining what to do if creditors kept ringing or sending letters in the future.

i have another face to face interview at their office this friday were they would like to see my old self-employment accounts, bank / credit card statments and debt collecting letters etc...

they seem to think that i'm unlikely to have an IPO if my circumstances remain as they are. the only thing i might need to pay is what i would have paided in tax. but he asked me to get an educated guess from my accountant as to what i may have paided this year in tax.

it seems as if my case was fairly straight forward as i do not have any real assets and no property or vehicle of my own. i was unsure about my outgoings as to being self emplyed, but they said what i need to pay out in the running of the business is what i pay and they will not do anything to try and change that, the only thing they want is evidence of those outgoings and rentals.

all going smoothly so far, ill keep you post on what happens on friday.