Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By gerry
#7913 Hi David

GOT YOUR MESSAGE hope this is okay...

I would welcome your advise & experience on this question.

Sorry about the long wind.....

Booked in to go bankrupt with my husband on 28th June 9:00am - plan to get a basic bank joint bank account sorted the following day 29th.

Is this correct David or could i try to sort a basci account on the same day as the bankruptcy??.

We have had to take two days holiday from work to sort this and I am only trying to prempt any problems as we are not guranteed being able to get a basic account.

I have been in touch with a couple of the banks that offer basic accounts and have clarified that they would prefer you to come with an appointment rather than just turn up.

So If I could make the appointments on the same day as well as the day after the bankruptcy this would give me more of a chance of getting a basic account sorted.

Can I have more than one - I dont really want this but would like to apply for more than one to see which will let me have one and which proves to be the best. I could close the others as soon as I know...

If the worse does come to the worse I will go to the Woolwich with £50 as you advised me before.

My real worry is getting a basic account sorted ASAP so that our salaries can be paid in and so that we can pay DD etc I know I can get salry paid into the Woolwich but they dont offer the other.

One of my bank accounts is a coop account so I dont think they would be to keen on letting me have a basic account as I owe them £100 ( one hundred)

Any pointers you could give me would be really appreciated.

Kind Regards

By homely
#7974 your coop account would be frozen by the or so you do need to open a different account,if you have a nationwide near you you could try them they offer dd,internet banking,and you can set up payment transfers the only thing you don't get is a debit card.our child tax credit and working tax credit went into our account 2 days after our br and the bank refused to let us have it as we owed them money but when he spoke to the or he said that they were told to hand over any money that was put into the account to us as it was our money ,they gave it to us the same if any money did go into an account just after your br speak to your or and hopefuly he'll release the funds back to you