Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By geroles
#402883 Did you have an cash put into any bank accounts in the past year, (before going bankrupt)

like £700 cash in, (inserted in/by the bank cashier)

then 2 months later, £600 cash in (inserted in/by the bank cashier)

and how did you explain these, to the OR ?

which lets say went into your expenditure for them months to follow.

What kind of reasoning would the OR accept for them cash amounts going in ? (which were inserted at the banks)

so they would accept it and leave it at that, or would that get him to ask more questions ?

or are these amounts so minimum, that the OR wouldn't really mind
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By JaneClack
#403033 You tell the truth - that is the honest thing to do. You know where the money came from and it can be backed up if necessary so just tell them.