Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By geroles
#402733 When applying for bankruptcy, does the OR need bank statements from you?

and credit card statements?

if so, how many months back?

(if one credit card statement is used for paypal/ebay items, which are at minimum cost (nothing expensive) then will these be questioned?

What if you dont have 12 months of some of them? what happens then as far as showing them ? (as you can't)

or some statements are online / paperless.

Do they get these from the banks themselves ? or they don't go that far ?
By chandjay
#402793 Hi,
I didn't give the Official Receiver any Credit Card Statements.
There is a section on the Bankruptcy forms where you put the name of each person/company you owe money to, and how much you owe them. No statements are required.

For myself, I had a JOINT account with my wife, so I didn't give the Official Receiver any bank statements, as this would have breached my wife's financial privacy.
I presume if the Official Receiver wanted them, then he would have requested them from the bank.
The minute I went bankrupt, I walked out of the Court, and into Barclays Bank and open a basic bank account with them, and my wife switched the joint account to one in her own name.

Just one thing I have picked up with being on this site for years, having friends who have gone bankrupt, and having gone through it myself, and it is this - If the bankruptcy is fairly straight forward(with no suspicious activity ??? ), then the Official Receiver doesn't tend to delve too much into the bankruptcy. He/she as seen it a thousand times and knows how easy it is to "fall down the well," (most bankruptcies do tend to follow a set pattern) .... BUT ... if the OR thinks there is skullduggery afoot, then he/she will dig and investigate thoroughly.
This is just my observations with people (lots of them), who I have had dealings with regarding bankruptcy.
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By JaneClack
#403023 And we should add that they have to do full investigations on at least 10% so people can be picked out at random.

They will get records of bank accounts etc so you do not need to worry about that.