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By lancslad
#66843 I owe about £70k in unsecured debts, and have completed an income and expenditure form and can offer my creditors a total of £1,150 a month. I filled out the income/expenditure form with payplan.

All of them have accepted by pro-rata offer for 6 months (and then review it) except American Express, who flatly refused. They didn't even contact me, I had to ring them.

They said they would pass my account onto a third party.

What is likely to happen? Any advice??
#67039 1. Let Payplan deal with it.

2.Pay them what you offered anyway and stick to your guns

3. They probably have refused it as it is outwith their targets for collecting debt, a 3rd party usually freezes interest and charges so may not be a bad thing.Amex are bad for freezing interest and charges so probably good that they have passed it on. Cant remember who Amex use as a DCA (Newmans?), but let Payplan deal with it and dont panic
By Archie
#67048 My Amex account got passed to RMA Resolve who accepted the offer straight away and have been fine.
By lancslad
#67274 Thanks people.

I've decided to pay them this month what I've offered them. I've not got into a formal arrangement with Payplan yet, but will do (most likey) when the 6 month period is up.

I think what really got to me was that everyone else I've spoken to have been suprisingly understanding, and reasonable.

The person I spoke to at Amex was rude, almost abusive, and wouldn't answer any of the questions I asked him. It was almost as if he wanted an argument with me.
By Archie
#67303 Don't speak to anyone at Amex. Let them pass it on and Payplan communicate. Your right is to elect a third party to deal with this on your behalf and you have elected to exercise this right. Well done, i'm sure they hate it but that's just tough!