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By Archie
#56228 Just to let you know, Payplan can still send you the bar code sheets you require to send to them with creditors letters etc. They no longer provide the pre-paid envelopes. I guess they just have to many clients to be able to offer this service. Still they provide a fantastic and invaluable service but following the last Christmas more and more people started declaring their debt problems and I guess the savings from providing the pre-paid envelopes is being re-directed. Did CCCS do the same?
By lou lou skinty poos
#56231 they sent me sum free evelopes about a week ago ive just started with them. but the way there helping me i dont mind paying for a stamp. :lol:
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By Sammy
#56233 You can download and print the barcode sheets at Justabank
By Archie
#56234 Maybe it's beacuse i've been with them for a long time. I totally agree the stamp is well worth it!
By Archie
#56235 Oh yeah, thanks Sammy. The new Justabank is great!