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By dogbot
#290473 After a period of time when I did not use Payplan online I tried to log in last week. The site would not accept my password so I rang them only to be told they would send an email to confirm new details. No email, so I tried again. This time a young lady gives me a new password. Guess what? it does not work, still no email to confirm. I rang again today and just music in my ear for 15 mins, so I left a sharp message. Perhaps I`ll get sorted eventually. :roll: :roll:
By dogbot
#290623 Sarah, I am sorry to say still waiting. Rang again today and music again. I left a message. Very unhappy with Payplan support.
By disneylover43
#290693 I have never had a problem with payplan support , the only thing that has seemed to show a problem is my annual review , i cancelled the first phone appointment and mad a new one ,but now i received a letter saying they are unable to contact me to arrange the review , frustrating as i have sent 2 emails confirming the date and time they suggested .
Other than this i have never been left hanging on the line listening to music :roll: :roll: