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By wazzza
#289593 Hi All
been a while since i last posted.
i started my own DMP back in April 2010, i had 6 creditors back then and still have 6 as i figured it would take 8-9 years to clear the debts.
I've been a bit silly by not keeping tabs on letters sent to me by them all, mainly because i now think let them write what they want, trouble is tonight i dragged all letters putting them in order by date to see how much i owe them all after nearly 2 years.
result are as follows:
march 2010 jan 2012
debt 1 1556 1551
debt 2 1360 1750
debt 3 1430 1530
debt 4 1800 2120
debt 5 9500 10+ ?
debt 6 18,000 17000

as you can see all but 2 have been going up.
i have no assets and no mortgage ... what do i do?
Write and tell them my debt has gone up not down and am now paying £1 a month and will keep paying £1 untill this is put right and let them know i would be happy to go to court?.
By nomlas
#289623 Yes thats exatly what to do. I have more creditors and ALL of them are not charging interest, they are all with DCAs now. I would also hit them with CCA requests and dispute everything. I have invited all of mine to take me to court and none of them have, I always sress the NO ASSETS and I also tell them I am saving for the fees to go Bankrupt in case I am ever awarded a CCJ. (One of chandjays tactics that works very well)

I have reduced my payments many times and now pay an easily affordable monthly amount and take payment holidays, Christmas and Royal Ascot :D The Olympics will last more than a month, I think. I will have to think about that one :D I will never pay it off so I am not bothered, if you are in the same position then it is ridiculous to keep paying good money while the debts go up.

Regards nomlas
By wazzza
#289633 Thanks Nomlas, it does help when someone has already taken the same journey and gives directions. cant wait to send out the letters to the BANKSTERS!
By wazzza
#289643 ps Nomlas how has the CCA route gone for you? i thought the courts had put the stoppers that way.
By nomlas
#289673 CCAs? Yes it is a bit of a grey area and they can supply a reconstituted copy, however they do have to take the time and trouble to follow your request up. The way I look at it is it gives a reason to dispute and whatever they come up with I say it is unenforceable. I tell them that if they take me to court I will fight the case on the grounds of an unenforceable agreement. In every letter I send I remind them of the all important NO ASSETS.

The whole idea is to prevent court action and I personally feel that if you let them know, in no uncertain manner, that you will contest the case then the less likely they will go for it. They would have to engage a Solicitor and if you tell them you will go BR if you get a CCJ they would be mad to try for one. It has certainly worked for me so far.

For personal reasons I do not want to go BR, but if push came to shove I would do so. The way my DMP is working suits me fine, I will never be debt free but I am paying some back and that leads to a happy life for my family and myself.
By wazzza
#289733 thats how i see it, im better off now than before my dmp started and i dont EVER want credit again,it is funny when they think its a threat by saying what im doing will affect my credit in the future lol. i had a funny letter from one of my debt collectors, they wrote and said ' you really do seem to want to clear the debt as you are a regular payer and because of this we are prepared to offer you a full and final settlement'
the full and final was the same amount i owed them as when i started the dmp before their added on charges lmao! i think i will go the £1 route then if the bleat to much i will give them the CCA treatment.
By nomlas
#289753 I am sure it will all go ok, as long as they are aware you dont care about it and have no assets they will do NOWT, in my experience anyway. Good luck.
By wazzza
#293093 hi lowered all my payments, havn't bothered to write and tell them yet except barclaycard, , got a letter today from Credit solutions ltd saying my barclaycard account has been passed on to them, are this lot in house collection or a dca?