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By oh god what have i done
#281343 Hi all,

Been a while since I was here. Started DMP in 2007 at £96k now it's down to £16k. Been hard work and had some lucky breaks on the way - like not losing my job in the recession which so many have - and some good creditors. SO for all those new DMPers out there it's tough but
1) You get used to it
2) You learn the value of things so much more
3) You do feel relief after about six months or so when things settle down.

Anyway about a year to go and that brings me to my question. About a year ago one of my debts was sold to a DCA. AT that stage it was £11k it's now down to £5k. In about five months time I should be getting a few hundred quid. Basically at that stage the balance should be around £2.9 k. So if I offer £1k will they settle. It's quite a low percentage (about 33% of out standing) but would mean I have paid off in total about 80%. SInce they probably paid 20 p in the pound I wondered if anyone had any experience or thoughts.
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By JaneClack
#281473 It is certainly worth a punt - but do explain that this is an offer from a third party and you would want it noted in writing that this payment was in full and final settlement of the debt. Go to who have a fact sheet on this very topic.