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By Pippi66
#279763 I have received a cheque today for a refund of ppi paid on one of my debts. I have been with payplan for 2 years & this particular debt is a loan, but I also have a credit card debt with the same company so payplan pays 1 amount monthly to the same company which covers both.
In the refund it says that they have taken off an amount to bring my account up to date but this may mean my monthly contracted repayments may change & that another company will write to me to tell me of changes to my monthly repayments.
Would I be able to get a f&f settlement figure from them & pay off this 1 loan, still pay the same amount to payplan & they divide the extra between my other debts?
There would be some money left over if I did this & I would really like to pay family members back money owe them which isn't included in payplan.

I have done my PPI claim separate to payplan - I did ask them could I do it myself & they said it was fine. I am also waiting replies on my ppi claim for credit cards.
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By JaneClack
#279943 You certainly can - if you get a full and final from one and the surplus remains the same, no-one can claim they are being badly treated! They will be getting more and certainly Payplan does this.