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By BigDunc
#267273 Anyone ever heard of this company and how they operate.

I just got a text from them asking me to call when i did they asked for personal information and got snotty when i refused (like i will help them out)

I can only assume a debt has been passed on
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By deej
#267323 Hi , they are definately a DCA.i have no personal experience of them, but you should google them and have a read. There are many posts about them on martin lewis,s site. Not a nice bunch from what i have read

regards Dee
By BigDunc
#268143 These people keep calling i ask them to send me a letter and nothing arrives, i wont give out personal information on the phone to a company i have nothing to do with and have never had any dealings with. Today they confirmed they had my address from well over a year ago..!! How can it be an urgent financial matter when they dont even know where i live...

Now of course is the threat of non co-operation and being passed to the legal team..!!! These ones are quite terrier like
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By Gazza1912
#268273 Whenever I am contacted by a DCA on the telephone, when it gets to the part where they ask me to answer their security questions, I always refuse to answer them.

Their usual response is that they cannot continue with the call unless I answer their questions, as if I am going to loose sleep over not knowing what they have to say.

I then say this :

'If you think I am going to divulge highly confidential and personal information about myself in this day and age of fraud and identity theft, and against the advice of the Police, to a complete stranger on the telephone in an unsolicited call, then you must of been at the back of the queue when they were handing out brains.'


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