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By BigDunc
#261313 Link have confirmed they are legal owners of the debt, I wasn’t sure whether they were still working in conjunction with the credit card company with whom it was formerly with. I have been making token payments for 24 months now.

Its been stated they won’t accept less that 65% of the outstanding debt, I have successfully negotiated settlements of 20p-30p in the pound. There cockiness is sickening.

I requested that they not call my number again. Is there a letter or threat I can make to ensure this does not happen. Is there anything else I can do to make life difficult for them e.g. question ownership of the debt, the amount etc...

Ps I’m single, not a home owner, no assets, no savings
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By DuffNCustard
#261363 Ok let's go!

Firstly if you have not received a letter from the original creditor confirming that the debt has been sold on then how the hell do Link have access to your personal details?

A complaint to the Information Commission is brewing :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I'm actually the legal owner of your debt and I'll send you a letter to prove (should be a nice little earner for me that - need some more Grouse!!)
The original creditor has to notify of this

A prove the debt letter? after all its up to them to PROVE this not you to prove you don't

If you want to spend a tenner a SAR request usually give them the squits - their end to end process record keeping will be diabolical - guaranteed

then how about considering harassment - after all they haven't actually proven anything - here's a link to some letter templates - take your pick :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ... vice.php#6

then a request for their complaints procedure which you will use prior to launching a complaint to the FSA

Launch with surgical precision and relax whilst you watch them go ballistic!!!
By nomlas
#261433 You have very little to worry about as you have no assets. I would send a prove the debt letter, asking for a true copy of the Credit Agreement and enclosing the £1 fee, use a postal order, and then sit back and wait. Put in your letter that you have NO ASSETS, in bold and that as you are disputing the debt you are insisting that they cease all phone calls and communicate in writing only. They will probably reply and tell you that you need to request the copy from the original creditor, this is not true, it is Link asking for the money so it is Link that must supply the copy. If they do supply a copy then you can just keep paying the token payments, if you want to, eventually they will probably accept a very low settlement figure but it is anybodies guess how long that will take. I find the more you mess them about the more they want to get rid and therefore accept a lower figure. They might however just sell it on to another DCA.

As Duff says the original creditor must inform you that they have sold the debt to Link, they very rarely do in my experience but none the less Link have no rights to chase you until all the correct procedure is adhered to. When they realise you know the score they should back off and if they dont do as Duff says and ask for a copy of their complaints procedure and report them.

PS- Send the letter recorded.
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By DuffNCustard
#261453 Just sent you a PM BigDunc - in your case I would consider a SAR to be an Exocet with Links name stamped on it :gunsmile: