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By rikw
#258043 I’ve been managing my own DMP for a few months now, and generally things are pretty quiet on the Western Front. Barclaycard have now passed over the debt to Mercers in Liverpool, (I have one debt held by the Glasgow lot and up to now not had any hassle with them, just keep sending them a cheque every month and they cash it). The letter they have sent is demanding immediate payment of £200, where I have been paying just over £12 which is the pro rata rate with my other creditors, this aspect doesn’t worry me has they can demand what they like, but my question is do I send them the same has I was sending BCard and tell them to like it or lump it, or send them a £1 and tell them to swivel
By chandjay
#258053 Mercers are just another Barclaycard company. It is their in-house DCA.
They are a right set of sh*tbags .... and that Liverpool accent - Aaaahhhh.
Just ignore the £200 demand, they are just tossers.
I turned the screw on Mercers/Barclaycard to get my accounts passed on, and it's worked. Since I've had my accounts passed on to CSL and Apex things have been very quiet. They've both accepted my £1 per month without a peep.
By rikw
#258083 Thanks Chandjay I get he drift about this lot, I ve cancelled my s/o to Bcard so will send them a quid for their trouble, hopefully they will get the message and pass it on