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By Marmiteontoast
#256613 Been on my DMP 3 years now.

Still really struggling. My pay goes up by less than the rate of inflation every year (I haven't had an increase in real terms since circa 1999/2000).

Starting to have problems with essential expenditure i.e. not being able to fund car repairs (head gasket gone), boiler repair (heating ok, but water for baths, washing etc only tepid), window frames rotten, house needs exterior repaint and interior decoration. Have looked into moving to a slightly cheaper property which would liquidate some funds, but mortgage lender won't entertain it until mortgage arrears (£1700) are paid off. (And sale of the house probably won't be easy due to the state of it, anyway).

Have had virtually no support from family (fiscal or moral), except one sibling who lent me some money a few years ago (hundreds not thousands) who now wants it back. Offered to cook a family meal for everyone a while back, and was told by the same sibling that they would prefer the money. I think my Ebay account might be being monitored to make sure I don't spend any money on myself - not a nice feeling.

Hate my job - have a lot of project management responsibilities offloaded by my boss, but am not paid a management-level salary.

Just at rock bottom at the moment. Every penny I earn goes to someone else. What is the point?
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By DuffNCustard
#256633 Project Management eh?

Six phases of a project -

1.Wild Enthusiasm
2.Total Confusion
4.Search for the Guilty
5.Punishment of the Innocent
6.Praise and Glory for the non participants!

Change your EBAY handle - simples

siblings - always have been and always will be a pain in the jacks

hate your job? yep but at least the Golden eagle craps on you regularly

DMP stinks - yep but they do eventually come to an end

feeling mean ? Meaner than a snake?

righty ho -reduce your DMP payments - do a review - I assume you're with either Payplan or CCCS - if not boot your current provider into touch and sign up with a non fee paying one

Eat a plate of egg and chips - make that a double with a slice or two on the side.

If this fails then my friend you have a serious ailment

Project Managers Palsy - no known cure I have suffered it for years and it got worse when they made me a Programme Manager and dumped ten ton of portfolio a*se on me and a wish list of biblical proportions matched by a budget of church mouse dimensions

bugger it - think I'll have that egg n chips instead - and mines a double!
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By DuffNCustard
#256643 For your next project charter:-

We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.
We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing."
By nigpet
#256703 I can reiterate about a review of circumstances - I'm in similar state with what is in effect a continous drop in income due to inflation. I did a new I/E earlier this year & reduced my payments by about £50 as a result. The creditors may whinge a bit but they get there in the end. If you need to spend money on the house, do a reasonable budget, work out a monthly figure & reduce your DMP by that amount, thats what you have available as oppsed to what they want.