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By beliver
#255163 hi through a dmp with cccs,started last august things gonna change as from april at the minute the story goes 6 kids 1 on way no equity council house,pay over 600 pounds a month towards debts which equal roughly 44000.
What is the minimum dmp with cccs do they have certain percentage to pay to the creditors i have 25 creditors in all
i have new baby due august time,daughter leaves college,poss payback to tax credits of 500 pounds.roughly drop 70 pounds a week
so what is an adequate that the cccs will go for a dmp what can the amount go down to

cheers in advance :roll:
By bluedog
#255203 Hi

As far as I know there's no minimum. It will depend on your income / expenditure and what you can afford.

I would imagine with another baby on the way your expenditure will increase leaving less for creditors. Talk to cccs and I'm sure they will agree.

By red24
#255213 Like as already been said, really depends on what is coming in, does your partner work, is that income high enough to prevent you getting any further financial help?
Do you claim housing benefit, council tax, this is all going to change.
After April you need to do a new I & E, probably everyone with a family will as benefits change.
By Trina
#256113 Due to illness I had to reduce my DMP with CCCS, the lady who dealt with me said I was just over the minimum they will deal with. So there must be one.