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By wazzza
#251353 hi all, looks like i will be looking for another place to rent soon as the owner is looking into to selling up, anyone know how easy or hard it is to get rented housing while on a dmp and credit rating gone to pot? looked at council but they will only allow me a 1 bed place even tho i have my 2 sons part time :(
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By JaneClack
#252953 Well as bankrupts can rent you should not have too much of a problem - except finding the deposit which they will want. But in a DMP you could always explain you were not able to make your payment - or only a token one - as you had had to pay a deposit.
By munchkin1960
#253383 Hi Wazza
You could visit your Local C.A.B They will have an up to date list of all the Private Landlords in that Area, and not every one wants a huge deposit, my daughter didn't have to pay one. Good Luck
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By poppy53
#253463 I rent. I told the letting agency upfront that I had debt problems and would fail a credit check. I explained about being on a debt managment plan. Offered a bit more than they were asking for the property plus an extra month's deposit. I also offered references. No problem at all - I reduced my monthly payments to Payplan for a couple of months so I could afford the deposit and moving expenses - phoned them first to ask their advice. Have been in this place for a year and a half and hope that if I have to move out the letting agency will rent to me again seeing as I'll have had a good record with them.
By Butts
#253693 If you have a "guarantor" that can help secure a property - my ex-wife was mine.

Also the Agency I rented from unusually charged no "admin fee" and it was just the deposit and first months rent.

This is a rarity today :mrgreen:
By red24
#255073 Unfortunately we have not been so lucky.
We are in our 3rd rented property since 2007, been upfront with all letting agents and they have all insisted on doing a credit check - procedures! we fail but still we have to pay for the priviledge, £120 for 1 applicant. Hence a property can only be in my name.

1st landlord wanted, and got, 6 months plus 1 month in advance. Seems to be the norm 6 wks deposit plus a months rent, it has been to the agents we've spoken to, we were asked to pay £200 more for having cats, no one asks more for having children though! We havent, but they can be just as destructive.
Anyway hopefully you won't have the same problems, good luck.