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By TalbotWoods
#204340 Please bear in mind the following points when joining this forum:

This is a public access forum, which means what you posts can be read by others, we therefore recommend:

:arrow: You use a unique user name, which is a user name that is not in use by you on any other forum.

:arrow: You do not post any personal identifying information.

:arrow: You do not give out your email address

:arrow: You do not link to a personal website (or business one for that matter!)

:arrow: Only members who have joined the forum can view the Off Topic Section, but even there you need to be circumspect about what personal information you post.

If you suspect a poster is a troll, spammer, advertiser, etc, please report them either by PM to the admin staff or by using the abuse button on their post.

If you receive a PM from anyone asking for personal information, or offering services, please forward the complete PM to the admin staff.

If you bear the above in mind you should remain pretty safe and make it extremely hard to identify yourself personally to others!!

If you need to change your username, please PM the admins who will do this for you.

Your email address cannot be seen by other members, UNLESS you post it in a post.