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By scotcrew
#195624 Not certain where to put this but I thought you might like to share a conversation I had today...

I received a call today from a call centre. The conversation went like this:
(caller red – me black)

Is that Mr *******

Who is calling?

This is ****** from ***** cards, am I speaking to Mr ******

What is this in connection with?

You have missed a payment and when can you make a payment of £156.01?

Do you not want to establish who you are speaking to?

You have missed a payment and when can you make a payment of £156.01?

Do you realise that you are contravening the data protection act by offering this information without first establishing who I am.

Short silence

We do not check security on incoming calls

But you phoned me which makes this an outgoing call.

Short silence

When will you pay this money?

You have not yet established who I am; please do not give out any further information until you have established that you are speaking to the correct person.

Short silence

We have no need to ask any security questions because this is your registered mobile number.

How do you know that I have not just stolen this phone or maybe I am answering on a friends’ behalf. You are required to establish that you are speaking to the correct person before this conversation goes any further.

Short silence

We have your details on file, so we are confident you are who you say you are.

I have not yet admitted to being the person you want to speak to.

Short silence

When will you pay this money?

You are missing the point here; you must first establish that I am the person whom you are trying to contact. You can’t give out personal data without establishing that it is safe to do so.

Longer silence

We don’t security check incoming calls

This is an outgoing call, you phoned me!

Longer silence

When can you make a payment?

I think you are now going round in circles, why don’t you write to me then we can establish we are both who we think we are?

Longer silence

(at this point you could almost here her brain whirring and the words, ‘Does not compute’ frothing from her lips – I eagerly waited for the sound of her brain exploding)

Drrrrrrrrrr – sound of dial tone, then silence!
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By Butts
#195667 Scotcrew - As is obvious from your transcript they work from a script and any deviation throws them into a spin !!!

You are lucky you could understand what they were saying !!!

If in doubt revert to slang - something like go forth and multiply would suffice and bamboozle these poor sods :mrgreen:
By red24
#195687 I can sympathise with your frustration of being subjected to a 'robot like' conversation with a call centre operator.

It certainly is infuriating when its not possible to have a proper conversation because it deviates from what they've been taught. I do try never intentionally to ring a call centre for this reason.

On the other hand, someone has to do the job, usually for a minimum wage - the abuse they must get comes as an extra.

They are not all outside the UK, a lot of industrial parks have call centres and a lot of foreign speaking people are employed.

The one thing that I find very amusing is being told my accent can't be understood by someone whose first language is not English.
By janedingdong
#195848 My first rule in any conversation is to get the name of the person calling, the name of the company they are calling on behalf of and where they are based before going any further.

If they can't answer those questions in an accent that can be understood - why should you continue?
#195889 Astonishing facts:
some managers at these call centres are not familiar with the DPA

the administration of justice act is unknown

the call takers and givers have no idea what bankruptcy is

some are working only knowing how to say thirty english words and understand only a few more

**** me
By disneylover43
#195891 I agree that they are working from a script,but I can never understand these callers and I ask them to pass me through to someone who speaks fluent english,it never seems to happen though :mrgreen:
#195892 try the AOL helpline.

its a challenge