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By littlebluebird
#195585 Is this just a myth or do creditors really send people to collect money from you at home.......speaking to one of my creditors today I explained that I was working on a DMP and had help from CAB and CCCS, quoted client numbers etc......she was fine with all that but added that the 'next step would be doorstep collections' when I questioned the logic of that saying that I could simply not open the door and also why would I have money stashed under the mattress she got quite shirty....I asked her if it cost a lot of money sending people to debtors homes for a fruitless collection ...she said 'well it does happen, they do do it'. I can't see this happening and who are 'they' anyway??? I told the lady that I thought it was a bit of a bullying tactic and that they used it to scare people.....she said that wasn't the case but they WOULD send someone. I asked 'when' ....she couldn't answer...I asked 'who' and she couldn't answer. I told her that the scariest thing I faced was not being able to feed my children and that that was all that mettered........she said goodbye. :o
Surely they don't 'send' people?
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By Yogi Bear
#195601 It's certainly not a myth - from personal experience I can confirm that it does happen, although the majority of creditors who routinely threaten to do it don't do it in practice.

It's a very expensive method for the creditor to use and I think is for that reason seen as something of a "last resort". Doorstep collectors are commonly freelance agents working on a commission basis. The important thing to remember is that you're not obliged to speak to whoever calls if you don't want to: they have no more rights than any other unwanted callers. :wink:
By red24
#195637 Some so called companies also threaten to send what they call debt advisors, same difference, the objective is to extract money.

Many moons ago Northern Rock, bless them, did actually send someone to advise us on our debt problem, cost us £80!!