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By nescafegirl
#195386 Just looking for a bit of advice re. constructing a personal debt management plan.

Bottom line is for the past month I've had repeated calls from DLC telling me that the CCCs, despite the CCCs assuring me on the phone that they have done this, have not informed DLC of what their new payment will be despite my DMP being reviewed and updated almost 4weeks ago. :evil:
I understand that a charity like CCCS, because it deals with many debtors' accounts will be subject to management controls, bureaucracy etc . I just think I could facilitate my arrangements/payments a lot quicker because I would only have my own debt to focus on and be responsible for. Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated. :)
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By Yogi Bear
#195388 It's certainly possible to manage your own DMP: quite a number of us have. One of the undoubted advantages is that you retain total control of both the correspondence and the payments.

That said, you then have to fend off the creditors by yourself, including those who will allege that they haven't received what you sent them, and those who haven't credited the payments you've made. :roll: