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#187662 To All Members

The Administrators and Moderators of this forum have been reminded of their duties by the site's owners to maintain the DQ Forum's effectiveness by ensuring it remains balanced, fair and non-confrontational.

This is a reminder to all users of the site that the purpose of the DQ Forum is to provide a constructive atmosphere that will prove helpful to all visitors, guests and members struggling with debt problems. It is also an environment to which professionals from respected and trusted debt advice organisations frequent - and from which some concerns have recently been raised about the 'intentions' of certain posts.

The owners of the site would like to remind all members that there is no place on the DQ Forum for unconstructive or unnecessarily confrontational posts.

There is clearly a discretionary nature to the moderation of the DQ Forum, and it is within the ethos of the DQ Forum that this discretion remains and that the site is self-moderating through the joint understanding by its members of the site's stated aims. However, offending posts will be removed without notice, and any members found to be behaving in a way that is deemed unhelpful to the stated aims of the site will first be warned and may potentially be banned completely.

The site's owners would like to thank everyone who makes contributions to the site, and recognises that many members share experiences which are often very personal for the benefit of others. With the combined support of the Administrators, Moderators and Members, the DQ Forum can remain one of the most respected and most used debt advice forums on the Internet.

Thank You

Please Read the DQ Forum Guidelines below:

Debt Questions forum was created to provide the right environment for people to find support who are looking for answers regarding debt issues and where members feel at ease to share their own experiences with a view to supporting others.

Anyone may read the postings in the forum but must register to reply to postings.

There are 2 types of people on Debt Questions; those looking for help, and those who contribute to the forum by offering advice and support to those who need it.

Debt Questions does not condone bad behaviour towards others in the same way that it should not be tolerated in the civilised world. We encourage any member of this forum who witnesses or experiences such behaviour to use the option of making a complaint to the site Admin or Moderators.

It is in our common interest to define a high level of conduct that each member can expect from every other member. The following is a guideline to provide you with standards of conduct that Debt Questions asks of each member.

1. Terms of Use

The Forum is intended to be a means of exchange of information for anyone experiencing financial problems either now or in the past. Any views expressed about individuals or companies are entirely the views of the author and not the Administrators, Moderators or owners of this website. The Administrators and Moderators of the Forum reserve the right to edit or delete messages that they consider to be inappropriate. Administrators and Moderators also have the right to exclude registered members from posting in the forum

2. Participation in discussions

When participating in the forum, be aware that your communication is being read by others (members and non-members). Use the forum for sharing, learning and discussing topics positively.

3. Replying to posts

Post comments that provide constructive information and debate. Do not post comments designed to cause distress to others, either explicitly or implied. Do not post comments that are sarcastic or cynical in nature or that are aggressive or disrespectful to others.

4. Private Messaging

Private Messaging function of this forum is permitted to any member who has contributed 5 posts or more to the forum.

Please inform the Administrator or Moderators if:

You are suspicious about a Private Message you have received
You feel a member of the forum is abusing the Private Message facility
You have received abuse from another member of the forum via Private messaging

Private messages are not monitored by Admin or the moderators, and as such you are responsible for any messages that you send using this system.

5. External Links

Links to other sites are permitted on the forum for informational purposes only. Links for the purpose of advertising are forbidden. Links to Fee charging companies are also forbidden.

6. Suspension and termination of accounts

Should it be brought to the attention of the Administrators or Moderators of the Forum that any person is acting in a manner that causes offense to others, either in the public forum, by private message or by email, then the the Administrators or Moderators have the immediate right to suspend that account or as a last resort ban the member.

Should such a step be needed the Administrators and Moderators have the right to notify the members Internet Service provider (ISP) of the causes of the suspension or banning.

Action that may result in suspension include (but are not limited to) postings that are Racist, Homophobic, Islamaphobic, overtly sexual in nature, anti-religious, aimed at causing hatred of others, including all requirements under both English, Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish Law regarding any material that causes offense, either directly or perceived.

Should a member be found to be posting material that is intended to cause hatred or discrimination or any kind covered by law then that poster will also be reported to the correct authorities, who may take the matter further.

7. Sexual Abuse and Complaints of Harassment

This is a debt related forum, we encourage all relationships formed to keep this in mind. Debt Questions is not a dating site. Members are asked to be responsible for the relationships they form and act in a mature manner. We actively discourage flirtation and similar discussion on the forum.

Please also be aware that although you may build a relationship with other members over time on the forum, the person concerned still remains anonymous and as such could not be the person they purport to be. The owners, admin and moderators can make no assurances as to the standing and identity of its members, and as such make no assurances as to their credibility.

8. Data Protection Act

It is extremely important to us that people who post on here can do so in a safe environment, and we do not encourage people to share personal details unless they choose to do so. If you choose to disclose personal facts about yourself, then you do so at your own risk.

However, this Administrators and Moderators will intervene should you post personal facts about other members without their express permission.

This site is governed by the Data Protection Act, and as such at no time will an individuals details be passed to any third party without either the explicit permission of the person they pertain to, or without a duly served court order.

The only exceptions to this will be passing of information to the Police, at their request to facilitate the investigation of hate crime, child abuse, or identity fraud, and this will only occur when there are clear indications that this has occurred in the public forums.

9. Complaints

If you witness a member conducting themselves in a way that you feel is outside of the guidelines then we encourage you to alert the Admin or the Moderators.

This applies if the conduct is aimed at you, or others, irrespective of if it is in the Public Forums, by PM or by email.

Please be assured that all complaints are taken seriously and will be fully investigated, you will be kept informed of progress at all times.