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By nitemare
#175518 I've received a letter from Blair, Oliver and Scott, saying that they are administering my Bank of Scotland loan. All it says is that payments should be made in the normal way, that they are administering my account on behalf of BOS, and then they give a helpline number.

Is this usual? It's a perfectly polite letter...

I am writing back with my CCCS details.
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By onke
#175520 There are a few polite ones around.. to be honest quite a few of mine are polite !! it can be normal !
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By jam
#175582 Hi nitemare

Blair,Oliver and Scott took over my loan what i had with Sainsburys Bank and they have been brilliant!

Ive never received any nasty phone calls or letters and they accepted my payment through Payplan immediately and freezing interest etc.

They are by far one of the nicer DCA's to deal with.

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By Sammy
#175629 Same with me actually - found them fine
I think they're solicitors for BOS actually but they seem to act as their collections department
If BOS have accepted you should be OK with them
By chandjay
#175672 Yes.. I thought they might be linked.. B.O.S. ----- Bank
B.O.S. ------ Solicitors
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By icewhite
#175714 BOS are actually quite nice (can't beleive I just wrote that) in comparison to some debt collecting agencies. Myself and a friend have both had dealings with them re BOS accounts and they were very pleasant to both of us.....and NO I do not work for them!!!!!!!
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By The bear
#176197 Yes, I have had a very positive experience of them too.
By firestarter
#176628 No complaints here either , very nice people , they just accepted my terms for six more months. They seem to accept that they cant have what we aint got!!!!
Unlike other agencies!!!!
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By Hampshire_Paul
#176682 I can only echo what has already been said. They accepted my DMP proposal and stopped interest and the agent I spoke to was positively friendly.
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By Sammy
#176688 So chaps and chappesses.....
do we vote them as being the best DCA ? ( I know they're not strictly a DCA but you know what I mean...!)