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By nitemare
#175176 I had a secure message from Egg last night saying that they would accept my DMP becuse I am with CCCS. They said that they would be issuing a 'standard' default notice, but would then keep the account in house.

I am getting two calls a day from an 0845 number. When I checked it back, I founf that it was from Egg. I didn't answer the calls, and I'm not sure I want to.

Seems like they have incorrect information, because they've also been trying to call my ex-wifes' number. I've written back to every letter I've received, and I know all my creditors have had correspondence from CCCS and myself.

Do you think I can just ignore creditors' calls?
By red24
#175191 Theres no reason at all why you have to answer your phone to anyone, not even creditors.

Make sure all communications are in writing, get their number barred!
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By Sammy
#175213 They should be going via CCCS.
And they know that perfectly well!
By nitemare
#175293 Rocking.

I am already lighting the virtual fire, underneath my virtual couldron. I have virtual wing of bat, and virtual whisker of fox. When they call next, I will take their virtual voices, and add them to the virtual brew.

Virtual curses on them. :twisted:
By life'sabitch
#175318 nitemare
I had 1 last night from bank of scotland and the another this morning.I stated i had, had a call yesterday and she said"yes there are notes on your file,ok i will hold calls for another few days" ! I might add i think both calls were from an indian call centre.Keep the virtual fire burning please :wink: LAB
By uphillstruggle
#175351 ... on the other hand... they might just have a simple question for you.

All this "you don't have to answer the phone" stuff seems a bit odd to me - sounds like you have sorted out your situation with Payplan so you really shouldn't have anything to be afraid of. I think you'll feel better answering the phone than being afraid of it. Plus I think the calls stop faster if you speak to them - otherwise your case will stay active on their systems.
By red24
#175356 Nobody should be afraid of answering their phone, it just gets a bit tedious when you are either answering the same questions or telling the same story - I find it very tiresome speaking to creditors about the same things. Payplan can do this for me taking the aggrevation away.
Can't remember the last time I spoke to a creditor and I haven't had a letter from a creditor in the last 6 months, so it's all very quiet here.
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By froglet
#175369 I've not answered a single call from them and 2 months into our DMP, they have given up calling! Initially the phone never stopped and I put a block on all unknown or withheld numbers and used an answer machine. Only Goldfish ever left a message and we responded to them. Thankfully we both work long hours anyway, so I didn't feel particularly harassed :wink:
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By Bright Future
#176654 Uphill struggle, yes you would have thought that by answering unneccesary calls they would stop, but I can say that this is not so.

These phone calls are made as a method of mental torture in order to make you think that going to CCCS/Payplan etc is a waste of time or has no effect and to cause you to give in or give preference to their debts over others.

I only quote my mobile number as it has caller recognition - and not surprisingly I never answer calls from creditors who already have all the information they require or who are too lazy to go to Payplan - it is on their records.

Alternatively, maybe they like the sound of my voice - must sound so comforting in their hothouse they call a call centre!
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By Paul
#176806 Hi nitemare

As Bright Future states:

These phone calls are made as a method of mental torture in order to make you think that going to CCCS / Payplan etc is a waste of time or has no effect and to cause you to give in or give preference to their debts over others.

Sadly for you, this appears to be the case sometimes - often the departments that call may not have accurate or up to date details of CCCS / Payplan's arrangement. Many calls to debtors are simply 'dialled out' automatically from a collection department that doesn't deal with CCCS / Payplan directly.

You should re-iterate that the arrangement is being made through CCCS / Payplan, giving your client reference number and taking the callers details, and then, perhaps the following information will help you if this doesn't appease them:

Best wishes