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By nitemare
#166983 Hello, I have another queastion...

I am considering a DMP, but my capped rate mortgage stops next year, and the payments will increase.

I don't know if I will change my mortgage product with my current lender, or look outside.

I can understand if they increase interest, but does anyone have any experience of trying to remortgage when running a DMP?

Thank you!
By Archie
#168322 Hi,

There is a fee free mortgage advice/broker arm of Payplan called 'who's lending'. I have used them and they were brilliant. There is a link from the home page of

I hope this is not classed as advertising. :? They can set up new mortgages and remortgages. If you are in a DMP with Payplan they have most of your info available with your consent which was great for me! :D

Kind Regards,