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By TalbotWoods
#471912 Hi All

Sorry about the quick move of home!

The move across to the PayPlan site had been planned for some time, however due to some IT issues with the planned migration, it had to be 'suddenly' carried out, or all there was a real risk that all posts would have been lost. So we do apologise for the lack of warning (and don't worry we didn't get any warning either!)'

I am the first to admit that finding the new site location was not that easy to start with, and again we are very aware that there are still issues that need to be addressed, but these will be addressed in the next few days and in the upcoming weeks.

I know many of you will be surprised that we have moved on to the main PayPlan site, but PayPlan though Totemic had quietly been hosting Debt Questions since 2004, so in effect we have moved back home.

Nothing is going to change, I'm still here, Sarah is still here, we will still provide unbiased advice, and we will still not prefer one provider other the other. So yes we will still suggest National Debt Line, Payplan, CAB, StepChange, CAP, AIB, ect, will not we tell you to change who you are with with (well maybe if you are with a fee-charging Company we may hint you that you consider it). Most importantly the quality of advice will not degrade because we have moved.

The ONLY difference is that we are now call Debt Questions on PayPlan, OK OK maybe we may forget to say 'on Payplan' as that is, well, kind of obvious.

So welcome to back to Debt Questions