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By hit40running
#137530 Hi,

Petitioned for my own bankruptcy last year after a major drop in what was once a fabulous salary and nearly a year on a DMP with the CCCS.

Everyone really helpful except for one of the creditors who threatened me with court action and a charging order on my property, then successfully obtained a CCJ for £14k after my bankruptcy was petitioned.

Don't know if this is actually legal because technically surely I didn't owe the money when the CCJ was registered! Comments please!.

It was the potential threat of the charging order that made me seek professional advice and they suggested I go bankrupt.

Nearly a year on now and the weight of all the debt lifted off me has meant I now sleep well again and feel really positive about my future.

My problem is this.

My equity in my matrimonial home has obviously been entrusted with the trustee and we really want to keep our home. We have made this known to the trustee and they seem ok with the idea as long as my wife comes up with the money!

How do I then stand with my mortgage company and being the only mortgagee on a property that I have no financial interest in?

I'm confused. Can anyone help. Ta