Questions about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvency.

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#139539 i was supposed to have my credc meeting on feb23 but was tlod by my ip that it had been adjourned till march2
had a letter this morning informing me that it had now been adjourned till march 09 is it the max adjournment 2 weeks so i will now one way or the other on march 09 still i am still hopeful guess they are very busy
#139541 Have you had votes? it sounds as if you may have but they have been votes to reject and they are adjourning your case to give them time to overturn the rejection.

Either that or the company are just inept!! :)
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#139542 no he had rejections from KPMG
#139543 ahh, so they are trying to get them to reconsider then??
#139911 KPMG seem to be getting tough with IVAs - they did not respond on the date of my first meeting, nor on the second and my IP had a hard time geting them to respond for the third date - they finally accepted the proposals with a long list of modifications - these were not specific to me but a standard two pages of IVA conditions most of which were in the proposal. My IP told me they were overwhelmed with work from IVAs so are they becoming more stringent in accepting IVAs or are they just too busy to accept them immediately?
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