Questions about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvency.

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By worried1too
#127837 DLA Thanks Shameless, not what I wanted to hear, but best to know now rather than later.
By mellowman
#127838 Didn't you say that they owed you an amount of money also? Were you hoping to have this included in their IVA?
By worried1too
#127841 mellowman

As far as I know I can't have this included in the IVA, but I can vote in IVA. Yes, they owe me £16,500k, of which £13,500 was on credit cards until last month, (11k now)we are now paying this off out of our savings, when it comes out of 0% but will be £4,500 short, but OK until april. In April I would get another 0% deal, payments for 4.5k are about £150 per month which We could afford= just. We pay off our own credit cards every month, but have a caravan, ground rent due in March, (£1,800)but can get a 0% for purchases then and pay that off over the year - I hope.They have been paying me £300 per month off what they owe me, I babysit for nowt, but would put £300 down in their SOA for babysitting, which will go onto paying the credit cards (I look after the kids 4 nights per week + school holidays so it is legitimate, but I am worried over tax). Well, now everyone knows the lot, thank god its confidential.