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By MisterB
#101571 So how long should I leave it after discharge before I get another copy of my CRF's?
I guess it's polite to give them a day or two to update the files in the first place?
By Tonyamendola
#111761 No Offence meant to anyone but given credit and loans has caused all this disruption in our lives why would you give a damn about your CRF file
Unless you plan to do it all over again ?

Maybe im being thick but once i am through this, anything i want is paid for cash - and if i aint got it in my pocket - tough
Far as the whole system goes i want as little to do with it as possible
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By Deus
Tonyamendola wrote:No Offence meant to anyone but given credit and loans has caused all this disruption in our lives why would you give a damn about your CRF file
Unless you plan to do it all over again ?

Maybe im being thick but once i am through this, anything i want is paid for cash - and if i aint got it in my pocket - tough
Far as the whole system goes i want as little to do with it as possible


You may or may not realise that after BR you need to clear up your CRF for quite a few reasons, and they are important reasons.

Firstly and i think im speaking for the majority here NONE of us plan to do it all over again, and I think the suggestion that discharged bankrupts want to go through it all again is nuts.

You need to clear up your file because at the end of six years the BR will drop off your file. When it does you want your file to be clear of defaults and BR etc. If you dont sort it out properly some companies will keep it on there as they are notorious for not getting their facts right, that will mean that in 6 years time you will find it impossible to obtain such things as mortgages etc as the BR will still be showing, you would not have a fresh clean CRF.

But im pretty sure it says all of this right at the beginning of this post? :roll:
By Tonyamendola
#111853 Understand what you have said

All I am asking is why - Does it make us more worthy ? Better ? To have some agency tell us we are ok because we post a cheque on time etc ?
Seems money is made to be so important and people have become the paper - how can any amount justify loss of life or mental ill health

Maybe its just me, but I am better than some form or judgement or file or piece of dirty paper..

There again - never really understood mortgages - pay 4 times the value and cross fingers that prices rise - then get it taken off you when your ill and need care - or recently lose a great lump to inheritance tax

Perhaps i am happy with a tent or a caravan lol

Was just pondering :D
By Stephen
#112001 You're quite right Tonya - it doesn't make us more worthy or better to have a "good"/"clean" credit file, nor does it make us any less so to have a messed up one.

BUT - to be honest, with regards to money and financial standing, as you mentioned you have found out, it doesn't matter one jot how WE see ourselves or feel about it, it's how OTHERS do....

It is sad, and maybe it is 'wrong', but for many things in like we are beholden to the people who supply them to us - Bank Accounts, Hire Cars, Mortgages, Letting Agents etc etc. It would be hard to get through life without coming in to contact with ANYBODY who wanted to check your financial situation - and who would therefore have some issue and possibly not give you want simply because of a record on your CRF.

The way I see it is that before my Bankruptcy, my "financial and credit life" was getting into a mess and that was not a good thing. I decided, for my own good, to do something about it and the Bankruptcy itself has gone one of the steps to me getting a clearer, cleaner financial life. Sorting my CRFs is another step which I am taking to that end, and not being a bit of a **** with my money or obtaining credit here there and everywhere is my final "step" to continuing along that path.

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with wanting nothing more to do with any financial matters, or to clean up your CRFs, or to not have a Bank Account, or not to get a Mortgage or Tenancy to Rent and so on. It's pretty impressive if you can do it :-) But I would find it hard to spend the next 50-odd years of my life living in the Tent ;-)

Horses for courses though.
By Stephen
#112002 Having said that - I see you are in Somerset, which is such a beautiful place, and I could certainly see the attraction of spending your life in a tent . Perhaps I'm just scared at the thought of living in a tent on Streatham Common :shock:
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By Deus
#112524 I think we are missing the point a bit that it is important to at least attempt to sort your CRF. After all it is your personal data that will be wrong and it will affect you later, whether you believe in the ethics of it or not.
#112577 How long does it usually take to get them cleared up ?
By Tonyamendola
#119885 See your point completely

Was just blowing off steam at the real criminals - judge me pahhhhh :D
Bloody leeches making money out of debt pahhh hehehehehee

Tents great here as long as you are either
a) at Glastonbury (not in the rain)
b) have a good supply of scrumpy
c) At a wurzels concert in which case you insert the tent into your ears

Actually there has been some upsides to not having cheques etc - I have had to walk to post office and met some really nice people. Nearly forgot we have a nice little town centre. Also If i cant be bothered to go to post office for Postal order - the item on ebay isnt worth having lol

You never know i might become quite good at this money saving - I might even become scottish hehe
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By bernieflint
#120015 I'm in the process of cleaning up my files at the moment.

We live in a world where we are credit checked in everything from buying a mobile phone,getting Sky Tv or renting a flat.It's all very well saying that you never want credit again but the reality is different.I believe that it is vital that your crf's are correct.
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By MisterB
#120069 I'm getting married in just under 4 weeks. I know mortgage and kids are in the future so a sparkly crf is going to be essential.
By addictive1
#132588 The equifax one looks like is is £16.95, or am I looking in the wring place on this site?
By addictive1
#132590 Same with callcredit £9.95. Only the first one was £2.
By Stephen
#132597 You can get a £2 credit report from all 3 of the main CRA as it is a "satutory" report.

There's a thread on the board at the moment where I have added all the links and details to get the reports, have a quick look - it was only a few days I go I did it...

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By 32k in debt
#132745 What gets right up my nose is the fact that CRA's are using our personal information for more than just credit referencing/rating (as well as making money).

As the name suggests "Credit" Reference Agencies are used to assess our ability to pay back credit (loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc). Haven't got an issue with that...

BUT why on earth should they be used as tools to assess our ability to just simply pay (rent for example) or even save - i.e. when no credit is being requested???

I also want to know what's involved in setting up a CRA in the first place - these are normal companies making money from our information and simply strike me as "self-appointed" data guardians...

I tell ya, we've all sleep-walked into a huge, mass surveillance society and it's just going to get worse when ID cards are introduced.

The following three paragraphs are from Equifax's front page - makes you realise the enormity of it all:

Equifax can:

Manage consumer bad debt, prevent fraud and money laundering and trace debtors through access to information on 45 million UK consumers.

Assess, monitor and manage your business customers with access to credit and financial information on nearly 4 million companies and businesses.

Profile, target, screen, acquire and retain the best customers for your business, including B2B marketing services.