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In Debt - Dealing with your creditors

On 2nd July 2009 the Insolvency Service launches its new guide to debtors and debt advisors, entitled ‘In Debt? Dealing with your creditors.’ The guide contains an overview of the main debt solutions, not just those administered by the Insolvency Service, and addresses what we believe to be a gap in the literature currently available to debtors from all sources.

The guide includes the following:

:arrow: A summary of the key features of the main statutory and non-statutory debt solutions;
:arrow: An overview on how each one works;
:arrow: The pros and cons of each solution;
:arrow: Where to obtain further help and information.

The guide has been produced in conjunction with the IVA Standing Committee, which includes representatives from many sectors of the insolvency world, including debt advice organisations, creditor bodies and insolvency practitioners. The Insolvency Service has also consulted with other organisations, including Government, regulatory and charitable organisations, and we are grateful to them all for their valuable input.

The Guide is unbiased, easy to understand, factual and independent and the intention is to enable the debtor to make an informed decision. However, the guide is not intended to be a substitute for getting independent expert advice.

The guide is now available on the Insolvency Service website, and may be accessed via their website at: ... Guides.htm where it can be downloaded.

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