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By BankFodder
#160877 Apologies for plugging our new campaign. Please do delete or move if necessary. Please do let me now if I am acting out of turn.

We have been receiving very distressing reports of people being regularly harassed by debt collectors.

The Consumer Action Group has decided to put in hand an anti-harassment project.

We have approached Counsel in order to obtain a definitive survey of the law and remedies available to victims.

One this has been completed, we propose to publish a full step-by-step guide on our forum and to identify and support a number of suitable victims in civil and/or criminal actions against offending debt collection agencies.

The intention is that these actions, funded by The Consumer Action Group will become very high profile and will deliver a shock and a clear warning to any other institutions who do not decide to change their ways.

If you have been a victim of telephone harassment by debt collectors, you might like to visit our Debt Action Group forum and discuss the problem with others and also read our advice on how to gather good evidence for the preparation of a successful action.


The Consumer Action Group