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By thefool
#333563 I had a loan with Egg which they issued a default on 31st July 2007. At that time I contacted Payplan to set up a DMP to pay Egg and other creditors. Egg accepted the terms of the DMP and I completed it in Jan 2011.

My CRF with Experian shows an entry for Egg with the date of default correct. Furthermore it shows that the account was satisfied on 24/03/2011.

This is where it gets a bit bizarre:

Within this entry for Egg there is a bit that states "Debt Assigned to CAIS Member" with the date 01/08/2011. So it would appear that although the debt was satisfied in March 2011 it was assigned to someone else in August 2011 !

There is a second entry in my CRF with Experian which is for the same default amount and the same default date, for Britannica Recoveries - Arrow. The only useable information this entry holds is a field called Current Balance. This shows the entry "satisfied" but no satisfaction date.

This appears to me as if Egg have passed the account over to a third party, Britannica Recoveries, but AFTER the account was satisfied via my DMP with Payplan. I'm not sure where to start with getting this information corrected so any help would be gratefully received.

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By TalbotWoods
#333613 Egg as a company effectively no longer exists, that is why the account is annotated "Debt Assigned to CAIS Member". In this instance Britannica Recoveries, who to my understanding bough massive numbers of old accounts, some of which will pay out others wont, in your case yours wont

So in this instance your first port of call with be the CRA to raise a correction, to get the Egg Account removed, OK a pain for you if you want to do this, but as Egg no longer exist, Egg cant do it! If they tell you to contact Egg, ask them how as they no longer exist!!

As long as the debt is marked as satisfied then all is well, and as the default is for the end of July then the whole account will fall off your Credit Files at the beginning of August this year
By thefool
#333743 Many thanks for your reply, I'll get on to Experian about the correction. What I don't understand is why Egg were permitted to sell my account to Britannica after the account had been marked by Egg as satisfied.

If I read you correctly, if I were just to wait it out until August this would all be automatically corrected anyway, correct ?

thanks again,

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By TalbotWoods
#333763 It wasn't sold as such, it was fiscally handed over, very much as the bank accounts were when Bradford and Binglely Building Society closed. Someone has got to hold the account and thus have an element of responsibility for the accounts, which is especially true due to the enormous amount of miss selling of PPI that Egg was engaged in!.

And yes the account will fall off naturally in August this year.