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By daffy29
#333373 Hi All,

Please can you give me some advice?
I am almost debt free having had a DMP with the CCCS for the last 4 years. Whilst I have no intentions of ever having credit again I would like to ensure there are no 'issues' with my credit file..... I feel a final ending.
I noticed that Tesco Bank had filed a default which I knew nothing about so I contacted their complaints department. I have now received a letter of apology from them saying that they indeed didn't follow the correct procedure for filing the default. They have offered to remove the default but inform me this would be immediately replaced with late payments. In their opinion the late payments would be worse for my credit file than a default. Also they may possibly file a new default, although I am not sure how because the balance is zero!
Is this true or are they telling me 'porkies' because it is easier for them to leave things as they are? Can they really file a retrospective default because I don't owe them a penny now?
They have already given me poor information saying not to worry because the default will drop off my file in 2014 ...which is incorrect, it will not disappear until 2017.
I would be very grateful for any advice.
By teebert
#336103 you didn't mention the day of the default, but it is 6 years from the date of default, i think if my memory serves me right late payments also stays 6 years but allot of creditors don't really score you down if they are older then 2 years on file
so the answer really depends on the date of the default, i am not sure about dmp's agreement if they are the same rules as IVA's
but yes they will remove the default because of incorrect process, but they can re issue it again. If they don't know about the dmp then I am afraid most of their information is correct.