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By adrianfo
#307073 Hi
I was discharged from BK 23/02/09, three and a bit years ago.
I wrote to all my creditors who were included in the BK after the discharge asking for the accounts to be marked appropriately. At the time some did and some didn't so I thought I would leave it a year or two and then check again.

Today I got my £2 Experian credit report. There is no mention anywhere of any of the originally included creditors. Defaulted mortgage, credit cards, loans all vanished. The BK order is there but nothing else, of course my recent stuff is there, all immaculate, all zeroed ie. ([0] 0 0 0 0 0)

I am really confused

Thanks for any insight
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By TalbotWoods
#307123 Sorry to say that this is not that unusual.

Initially, you need to go back to the CRA, and make sure they are using your correct addresses form the past 6 years to match your files. It only takes a small difference and they records are incomplete, this is especially true if you have moved at anytime since the bankruptcy.

Also you need to get your Eqifax one as well, as not all creditors report to all CRAs, most report to one or other.

When you have done that these missing accounts may well have reappeared. If not you will need to talk to the CRA to ask whey, as creditors very very rarely delete accounts

By adrianfo
#307473 Thanks Tim
On closer inspection they or I have missed my previous address ( I moved to my present address early 2008, the BK started Jan 2009.)
Most of or all the BK accounts were from my previous address, could this be the reason why it is blank?

One more question:
My BK is listed in two instances, under the headings, J1 and J2
J1 lists the BK as, start 13/01/09 - end date 23/02/09
J2 lists the Bk as, start 13/01/09 - discharged date 23/02/09
the case number on both is the same.
I was actually discharged in September 2009
Once again confusion is taking over

Thanks in advance
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By TalbotWoods
#307483 Yep that would account for them being missing, contact them back and they will sort it for you.

Double entries are not unusual, one will be the notification from the London Gazette ( I suspect J2) and the other will be form a creditor making sure that the CRA are updated, especially as it given an end date (J1). Nothing to worry bout unless you were discharged early