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By ref file issues
#299913 Hi

I cleaned up my CRF around five years ago and have recently taken a look to check its accuracy

One of the accounts is not showing a default date (I was sure it did when I last checked). Is this a problem? All the other details on the account are correct, i.e. it is showing as satisfied with the correct satisfaction date

Many thanks
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By TalbotWoods
#299923 Not all defaulted accounts will show as defaulted, especially if they have a settled marker against them. So it is possible that the default is set (so the account will drop off after the six years) but not showing, this can happen on both equifax and experian.

Also some creditors are removing the default (which they are allowed to do) and leaving the settled or partial settled date in its place.

Irrespective, of default date, when is the settled date, as it may be that if you are only a few months away, then it may take longer to chase it down to sort, than to let it drop off naturally.
By ref file issues
#300043 Many thanks for your reply TalbotWoods, you are as helpful as ever - :)

All my other accounts have default dates in 2006 which I am pleased with as they will drop off prior to the b/r and discharge which were both in 2007

This particular account has a settled date in May 2007 so (if I understand this correctly) will drop off later than all of the other accounts (at least 6 months later)

When does the actual b/r note drop off of my CRF please? Is it 6 years after the b/r date? or the discharge date? As this has a bearing on whether I take this further or not

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By TalbotWoods
#300053 The bankruptcy will fall off 6 years from the bankruptcy date.

Defaulted accounts will fall off 6 years form the default date.

Satisfied accounts will fall off 6 years from the satisfied date.


All the nasty stuff falls off BEFORE the good satisfied stuff falls off, so in this case for a while there will be a window with good stuff only showing!
By ref file issues
#300063 I'm going to have 5 months then (after b/r drops off in early 2013) with this one account with no default date stuck on my CRF

Every other account was defaulted in 2006, not sure why this one is not (including a credit card with the same lender)

Is there anything I can do? The account shows late payments so would be stopping me achieving a clean CRF
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By TalbotWoods
#300073 Not really, as there is no legal requirement for a creditor to default an account, the only obligation sis that if they do then it must be no later than the date of the bankruptcy.

Might be worth writing to them, asking them to confirm the default date, this may prompt them into entering a default, or confirming a default is actually there, or the fact they haven't issued one.

But if they haven't issued one, then the CRF is factually correct, so stands under law.