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By Keystrokes
#296733 Hi

I went Bankrupt 06/09/2006 nad have been keeping a keen eye on my CRF written to cretiros etc and in the main not had a problem and I am seeing records dropping off as expected.

One of the credits that is left on the file is Welcome Finance which did make a correction when I wrote to them as the entry was widley incorrect.

I am expecting my CRF to be completing clean a week or so after 6th Sept this year, but I need to check the entry please on mt Welcome Finance, all data is correct expect they have not put a defualt date on.

The entry is...

Terms: 37 @ £ 120 (Monthly)
Status: Settled
Current Balance: £ 0
Start Balance: £ 0
Credit Limit: £ 0
Default / Delinquent Balance: £ 0
Start Date: 20/04/2005
Date Updated: 22/02/2008
Date Last Delinquent:
Date Satisfied: 06/09/2007
Default Date:

Futher they have made updates to the late payments after BR date up to the satisfied date. i.e.:
Feb 07 -1 late
Mar 07 - 2 late
Apr 07 - 3 late
May 07 - 4 late
June 07 - 5 late
July 07 - 6 late
Aug 07 - Up to date
Sept 07 - Satisfied

Surely is not right that they have made entries like this after BR?

Is it compuslory that they put a default date on? as this line from the standard letter suggests not "It is requested that if you intend to default the account" the word intend suggests it is not compulsory.

With the data as it currently sits I feel the entry will be removed Sept 13 rather than Sept 12

Pleae advise.

Kind regards

By Keystrokes
#299483 Hi

Does anyone have an idea about this qestion, bottom line am I within my writes to insist that they put a defaut date as the debt was included in bankruptcy.

Many thanks

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By TalbotWoods
#299493 Hi Lloyd

The first thing that comes to mind is that the creditor does not actually have to issue a default if you fall behind or dont make payments, even though your T&Cs with them will state that the full amount becomes payable when you enter insolvency.

Normally a default is issued, and I would suggest contacting the OP to find out 'when the default was issued' (note not if, but when) If they come back with a date, they you have them, if they come back saying one has not been issued then the entry is technically (but not ethically) correct.

Now looking at the entry is is actually not as bad as it seems, there is no default register and no Delinquent Balance showing, plus the account is shown as settled (better than partially settled). SO what is actually shown is a fully paid account, that never had a default and was never delinquent, but for some reason fell behind for a bit (minor problem). So overall a not bad entry compared to what could be there!

But defiantly check to see if an default was issued (opps sorry WHEN a default was issued)

By Keystrokes
#299503 Thanks Tim.

I just wanted to have a clear file at the 6 year point and not having a default means this entry will be on there for an extra year and whilst I will have a perfect record in every other way, I will still have this record showing I have fallen behind in payments.

I will contact them again.

Many thanks