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By stuart111_2000
#290023 Hi All,

Not logged on in a while!

Just received one of my credit reference reports. I have 2 questions

How long do the searches stay on the record. I mean when a company carries out a search for credit?


I have a barclaycard account, which is in credit. I have written to them before and asked them to close the account. They haven't done this. What would be the next step? Is this one the Information commissioner would help with?

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By TalbotWoods
#290083 Depending on the CRA searches remain on for varying lengths of time, depending on the type of search.

But as a rule of thumb after 6 months they dont count in a credit score, just retained for historic purposes.

Regarding the closing of the Barclay account, you need to talk to the bank to find out why it hasn't been closed. At this stage no one will be able to assist you until you know why, maybe you left something out of the written request, maybe with the account being in credit they need another account or your written instructions as what to do with the funds, etc. Until this is known no one will be able to help