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By Gazza1912
#279903 I'm not sure if I am posting this in the correct forum so please feel free to move it to wherever it should belong.

Anyway, I noticed today that £14,95 had been debited from my Natwest Step account according to my online banking service with Natwest. How could I have made an online debit card transaction when I was asleep in bed I ask myself.

I have not been out of the house all day, so I have not made any transactions with my debit card in any shop, and I have made no purchases online with my debit card, so I was curious as to what this £14,95 related to.

Upon ringing my bank and finally getting to speak to a human, (press 1 for this, press 2 for that blah blah blah and listening to a lot of mundane music inbetween), I was told that a company called had taken this £14,95 off of my debit card. But the bank clerk was unable to tell me anymore and suggested I ring another department on Monday.

Before I *googled* for, I had no idea who were and I certainly never gave them my debit card details or authorised any such transaction. How have they obtained my debit card details?

Apparantly Natwest cannot do anything about this until Monday when I have to contact them on a certain 0845 number. And there is also no answer when contacting on another 0845 number. They too are closed over the weekend.

I'm furious about this and most concerned as this £14,95 would appear to be a monthly subscription fee.

So, my questions are:-

(1) How did this company obtain my debit card details?

(2) As I have no knowledge of this company and certainly gave no authority for them to take £14,95 out of my account, are they obliged to refund me?

(3) If they will not give me my money back, can I make a claim against Natwest to get my money back?

(4) How can I prevent them from debiting further sums of money from my account without my knowledge or permission? As this amount would appear to be a monthly subscription in order for me to access my credit file, what is to stop them from debiting my account next month for another £14,95? I have not signed up with to the very best of my knowledge.

£14,95 might not sound a lot but it equates to just under three weeks electricity money for me.

Any advice and help on what I should do now would be very much appreciated.

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By submariner
#279913 Hi Gazza,

It sounds as though there are two issues here, both of which need NatWest's help (which they should be set up to readily do..).

Forgive me for stating the blindingly obvious as I type ( :roll: ), but just thinking about it...

The question of how they got your debit card details (assuming they're not a branch of some company that you already deal with by debit card etc) is one thing that needs addressing/investigating by the bank in quick order. In any case, it will be an illegal, fraudulent or, at least, erroneous action.

The other is, that whatever the answer to the first question turns out to be, it's an incorrect transaction and needs to be refunded, with any other similar request for payment in the future being stopped forthwith. Let's face it, if the debit was being made on-line to "Mr Dodgy" of Fraudsville, Nigeria, it would have been picked up by the bank's automatic protection without you even having been aware of the problem: the fact that it has gone to some seemingly plausible company (which may yet be flagged in the bank's database of wrongdoers) doesn't change the fact that it's an unauthorised request for payment which the bank has let slip through for the moment.

So I'd say that the bank should be told that this is an unauthorised transaction to a company that you've never had any dealings with. The bank should therefore refund the payment immediately (- even if it reserves the right to dispute this later, it should refund pending investigation) and stop any future payments to this company from you. Finally, I would expect them to say that they will investigate the whole transaction, not least because it may have to flag the company as decidedly dodgy and deny any payments to them from any customer for evermore.

Good luck tomorrow... although it seems fairly clear-cut and shouldn't really need any luck!
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By Gazza1912
#280003 Well, as I could not get a response by telephone, I sent them an email, and I have today received the following reply:-

"Thank you for your email received on 17 September 2011.

I am writing to confirm that your membership to Quick Credit Score has been cancelled with immediate effect.

Unfortunately, your request for a refund has been declined as your membership record indicates that you agreed to a free 10 days trial membership of Quick Credit Score when you searched online for your credit report. To become a member you have to physically input your details in the empty fields provided and this includes your payment card details.

Additionally, by enrolling in the trial membership, you agreed and acknowledged that after the trial membership period, you would be billed £14.95 for the monthly programme fee.

A welcome e-mail was sent to the e-mail address you provided at the time of enrolment. This e-mail would have also explained the terms of the membership as well as the benefits you are entitled to.

If you have any queries now or in the future, please feel free to contact Quick Credit Score by telephone or email during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) using the contact information provided below.

Yours sincerely"

What "membership"? I never enrolled with this company as they are implying. I have checked all of my emails and can find no "welcome email", but then of course, there would not be one as I never enrolled with them.

So I will still be taking this up with my bank first thing in the morning.
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By TalbotWoods
#280013 Have you now or in the past subscribed or bought a service off Call Credit, cos they are the one and the same.

If they have emailed you and written to you, then I would suggest asking for copies of all emails and letters, (Suggest informing them as you didn't ask for the information, then they may well have provided this ILLEGALLY to another party), and that you now require them to PROVE that they haven't acted in complete breach of the DPA.

And discuss this with the ICO