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#264353 Of all my creditors there are some who still have not put a default on my file even though I am paying just token payment but some placed one on years ago that are due to fall off.

I'm concered that a creditor can just place one on when they feel like it, thus screwing my credit up for another 6 years for a debt that is almost 6 years old.

How can they get away with this?
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By JaneClack
#264573 Some never do so - you just cannot tell. The debt is being acknowledged by making token payments so the statute of limitations does not come in either.

Also some people are happy with this and are more concerned about defaults going on which is why a dmp can affect one's credit rating for longer than the statutory options such as IVAs, bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders and Administration Orders.
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By submariner
#264983 I guess this is one of the mainly "unsung" advantages of IVAs and BK.

My (completed) IVA almost immediately signalled a blanket load of defaults which firmly started the clock ticking (to end in Nov this year, with great relief!).