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By worzelgummidge
#261913 Hi all,

My first post here and Worzel isn't my real name before you ask!

A little about myself, I've just completed my IVA after five not bad years - managed to get through the arrangement anyway.

Now I'm just going through my credit file clean up and so far Max Recovery have been brilliant - only two days after writing to them 9 of the accounts they bought were marked 'satisfied'. I'm still waiting to see about the other mainstream lenders who don't appear to have sold debts on.

My question is this (and one I have scoured the internet to answer) - on Equifax under Court Information it correctly shows my Voluntary Arrangement but the satisfied date is blank. So, should this date my IVA was satisfied be populated in this box? I have the certificate of completion from my IP I just need to know who I should send it to? Direct to the court or to the Insolvency Service?
Or, does it just stay showing the arrangement until 6 years are up and there's nothing I can do to show some sort of satisfaction.

Many thanks!
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By JaneClack
#261983 I will check on this as I am not sure but know it will stay on your file for six years from the date the IVA commenced!!