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By time_out
#254143 I have numerous debts which have mounted up and I took a bury my head in the sand approach. I now want to fix this and need my credit report.

Problem I have is that I now live in Dublin, so none of the credit sites allow me to enter a Dublin address, does anyone know of another way to get the report, or if i enter a friends address, would it effect their credit report?

Thanks in advance for any help
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By TalbotWoods
#254153 You will only be able to obtain a printed report, and will have to furnish the CRAs with evidence of your past addresses. It takes time, but they will provide them in the end.

DO NOT use your friends address, as though it doesn't directly effect them, it will 'link' the address and then he will start to get the hassles from the DCAs and Creditors. Do you want to be responsible for any hassles he gets because of you!