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By calm
#248103 Hello everyone,

I am new here. I have a burning question.

I do have couple of defaults registered on my credit files in multiple agencies. These are not Liability Orders, but the common Bank default, Credit Card default.

Some of these defaults were registered sometimes in 2008 and some in 2009.

When I checked my credit files, I could see the 4 default, one of it was my Barclaycard credit card which i could not settle till now.

On records, they are showing to be removed sometimes in 2013 and 2014 and they showed the possible dates.

Please can someone tell me what happens after the year speficied that the default would come off my record in 2013 ans 2014 respectively despite the fact that I have not paid a penny to settle these default accounts?

Specifically, once these default come off my records, will there be any further trace on my credit files after the 6 yrs?

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By submariner
#248835 As your accounts seem to be all defaulted with the correct dates (ie 2008 and 9) they will disappear from your credit files 6 years from the default dates.

It's not just the default that disappears; the whole record of the account goes.

These debts are not "written off", but just don't appear on your credit files any more. So no-one but you and the creditors involved will know anything about them after they disappear from your files.