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#246645 Hi.
I`ve not posted a long time ( 5 years ) just done a lot of reading on this forum.
My IVA completed successfully in Sept 2010 but I have a couple questions re cleaning CRA`s please:

1) I have 4 accounts that are showing active balances and which I need to write to the Data Controllers to correct. However I do not now have any records of the actual account numbers to quote to them in my letter. Is this a big problem do you think? I suppose I could just wait for the accounts to drop off in about a year from now.

2) Lastly should I expect to continue receiving the creditor`s statements (as per the data act 2006) surely these should cease soon.

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#246675 Hi Joe

Please have a read of this topic


#246683 Thanks I had already read and digested the topic you suggested but just wondered if I can legitimately ask the creditor/s to update the account/s without quoting the actual account number (as i now have no records of the account numbers) and my previous account numbers with the creditors are not listed in my credit reports just the name of creditor and the "balance" (although no balance now be showing of course)

Thanks again
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#246705 A couple of options for you.

Speak to your old IP, they may still have that information on their system.


Call the listed creditors up and give them you details, they should be able to track the account numbers down. Take particular note of any that say they don't have the account any more as it has been sold on. Inform them that they are still holding the account on the CRF and you are going to seek compensation from them for reporting incorrect information deliberately ...... that tens to get them to remove their entries pretty fast!!

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