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By stamati76
#233305 Hi,

I had a Woolwich account about 12 years ago. I changed my bank in 1999. However Barclays have placed a default on my credit report that says i defaulted in 2009?

Account type: Bank
Default Balance: £174
Current Balance: £174
Defaulted On: 27/05/2009
File Updated for the Period to: 02/08/2009

I phoned Barclays Bank and they said they were not willing to discuss the debt unless i go into a branch. They said they would not write to me either. The explanation they gave was that they did not have 3 security questions. I'm sure this was an excuse because she asked 2 questions and then stuttered. Are they allowed to do this? Are they legally allowed to register a default that occurred over 12 years ago?

Appreciate any advise on this.
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By submariner
#233393 As far as I know, if they didn't actually default the account until 2009, (ie they just kept it running showing non-payments) then they are correct in what they have done.

If, however, you can show that Woolwich (or Barclays) wrote to you with a default notice at a much earlier date, then you can request the credit file to be changed accordingly (suggest you do all of that in writing, by recorded delivery).

Incidentally, I found that going into a Barclays branch was worse than useless for this subject. Not the staff's fault; I had a very friendly reception, but it seems that the "help-desk" staff still have to go through the same phone system as the general public does... and got exactly nowhere, just the same as we do!!! Grrrrr!

If Barclays refuse to correspond with you (they can be very difficult... one of the worst for credit file corrections in my experience), - and you have proof of an earlier default - then you have recourse to the Credit Agency, explaining the non-cooperation and requesting their help. They'll want to see that you tried first, of course.

I managed to get an incorrect linked address removed by Experian after I showed that Barclays ignored my recorded delivery letters (and they ignored Experian's queries too...). I considered this to be not just an incorrect data entry, but a possible personal data fraud too, so quite a serious thing to ignore... and Experian agreed!

Incidentally, I still have an outstanding query with Barclays, placed through their own website... everything sent to them regarding credit files seems to disappear into black holes. Really frustrating, but at least the Credit Agencies seem to know that! :x
By stamati76
#233415 Thanks for your reply. I have written to Experian with any information on a previous default from Woolwich. Not sure if Experian can do this?

It took me 1 month to get through to the correct department. Barclays customer service in India are not trained properly and i was put through to every subsidiary they own. Eventually Experian gave me the phone number.
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By submariner
#233665 I think that Experian will already be showing all the info they have from Woolwich, but no harm in trying them. I've found them to be very helpful (I actually subscribe to their service at present).

Yes... Barclays is so frustrating to deal with and the Indian call centres are not equipped to deal with our sort of queries. If you have a UK phone number now, you might get somewhere.

I'm still looking for a Barclays Masterloan UK number (or UK address, other than their clearing house): if anyone has one, a PM would be very much appreciated!
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By submariner
#233913 Not yet; I've been giving the bank a chance to reply over the last month or so.

If they don't (and I don't realistically expect them to, given their previous track record in providing meaningful replies to my questions on other aspects of cleaning up my files), I can turn to Experian/Equifax for help and truthfully say that I've tried my best to get in touch.

As I say, I've found the CRAs very helpful if you can convince them of trying all avenues before turning to them. They even changed one of my (same bank!) accounts for me (in respect of "peripheral" information rather than account balances, which I don't think they would change) after not receiving any reply to their own enquiries. They can obviously become frustrated with that particular bank too!!!

I do find it particularly surprising (and very disappointing) that one of our main High Street banks is so impenetrable in it's "after sales service" of credit files.

All the other files I have (22 of them) have been corrected with little problem (in fact, in all cases helpfully and courteously, if at times a little slowly), even by some of the most notoriously "nasty" DCAs (who in my experience have been some of the easiest to deal with, post IVA).

At least all of my accounts, including this most difficult one, will drop off my files next year (ie they are all defaulted with the correct date), so my "clean up" has been a largely academic exercise - and I certainly do not want credit ever (ever ever!) again.
By stephen88
#233975 i think the best option is to phone them again and if they arent willing to hep you over the phone i would ask to speak to a manger cause they should be able to help you over the phone
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By submariner
#234173 By coincidence, I've had an email from someone fairly senior in the company, offering to help.

Getting the CRAs involved seems to have got things moving (its been worth subscribing to their services for a while, they are obviously - and understandably - much more willing to help customers).